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Current person in role: Jar Turner (2015-present)

Local Live – Rusted String Swindlers


Rusted String Swindlers return for an in studio performance and interview, with a new lineup too boot! SONGS 1. John Hardy 2. Elle & Anne 3. Darlin’ Corey (Bonnie & Clyde) 4. Nine Pound Hammer 5. Big Wheels Roll Hosted by Jar Engineered by Jim Lang, Dan Withered Produced by Erin Tobey Executive Producer is Jim Manion

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Local Live – Lost Catfish


Lost Catfish returns to Local Live for another performance and interview! SONGS 1. Better Off Alone 2. Primordial Blues 3. Fruit on the Vine 4. Mixed Drink Hosted by Frankie Ferrell Engineered by Jim Lang, Adam Reichle, Dan Withered, and Ilza Akerbergs Produced by Erin Tobey Executive Producer is Jim Manion

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Activate! – Exotic Feline Rescue: Blue Butterfly Woman


Blue Butterfly Woman talks about the Exotic Feline Rescue center and the excitement and joy it brings to volunteers and visitors alike as well as its amazing work in saving exploited and abused exotic animals, including big cats. Also, more volunteer opportunities to work with animals from the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network. LINKS Exotic Feline Rescue Center Animal Rehabilitation PALS …

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County Prepares Zoning for Potential Solar Farms

On August 18th, the Monroe County Plan Commission recommended changing the county’s zoning regulations to include solar farms in the list of possible operations, or what the Planning Department calls ‘Conditional Uses”, in four of the county’s zoning types. Today, we will hear a report from Assistant News Director, David Murphy, on this proposed change for today’s WFHB community report.

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Daily Local News – August 24, 2015

Two years ago, the Bloomington Police Department requested the military supply them with a mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle, according to a database compiled by the magazine Mother Jones; The U.S. Navy has awarded Indiana University a one-point-six-six million dollar grant to fund education in what are known as the STEM fields; Monroe County officials are moving forward with the process …

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Books Unbound – Elizabeth Stoddard and the 1860s, Part Nine: ‘Two Men’ Chapters 18-22

The novel Two Men continues as rumor spreads of a Parke family heir’s affair with a biracial woman. The compressed, elliptical and sometimes satiric style of American contrarian Elizabeth Stoddard (1823–1902) expresses the tensions and anxieties of the Civil War era in its themes of race, family bloodlines, class, sectarian religion, gender roles, and regional and national identity. This complex …

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Activate! – Jaqueline Bauer: Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale


Jaqueline Bauer talks about the history of the Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale and the opportunities it affords for volunteers and sale attenders. Also, more sustainability volunteer opportunities from the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network. LINKS Hoosier 2 Hoosier Sale a program of Indiana University Office Of Sustainability H2H Sale Day Volunteers Monroe County Energy Challenge Ambassadors Greening IU Athletics

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Books Unbound – Elizabeth Stoddard and the 1860s, Part Eight: ‘Two Men’ Chapters 14-18

Two Men, the second novel by Elizabeth Stoddard (1823–1902), is a family saga published in 1865, in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War. In this week’s episode, the arrival of the three women of the Lang family brings the theme of race to the forefront. Mrs. Lang is the former mistress of a white slaveholder who has sent her …

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Safe and Civil City Director Rafi Hassan Explains Program’s Resources

As a new group of college students enter Bloomington this week, the city government is publicizing its resources aimed at making the community welcome to diverse populations. Last week, the hosts of WFHB’s Bring it On spoke with city’s Safe and Civil City Director, Rafi Hassan, about how that department responds to instances of bigotry and what resources it offers …

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Daily Local News – August 17, 2015

Monroe County Council member Shelli Yoder announced today she plans to run for Congress again; The Monroe County Solid Waste Management District’s Board of Directors got a concise breakdown of expenditures on the County’s new recycling facility last week; Commuters who make use of State Road 45, or 2nd Street, should be aware of a single lane closure that may …

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