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Daily Local News – April 21, 2015


The Indiana State Department of Health reports today the number of recorded cases of HIV in southeastern Indiana this year has risen to 135; A federal lawsuit charges IU Health and HealthNet Inc. with putting low-income pregnant women and their newborn babies at risk by committing fraud and taking taxpayer money; A bill that looks destined for approval in the Indiana legislature has loopholes that could lead to disastrous consequences, according to the Hoosier Environmental Council; The Monroe County Redevelopment Commission has voted to continue the westside Tax Increment Financing District or TIF; The Monroe County Library Board of Trustees approved an appropriation of five hundred and eighty thousand dollars for the Library Improvement Reserve Fund last week.

The fall of 2016 should see the new Engineering Department open at IU-Bloomington open for its first students. While the initiative still needs the approval of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, plans are well on their way for its start-up. The new program is to be housed in the School of Informatics and Computing. Assistant News Director David Murphy spoke yesterday to Professor Robert Schnabel of the IU school of informatics., Schnabel is the dean of the school and chaired the IU faculty task force that made the original recommendation to IU President McRobbie to establish the engineering department. We bring you that conversation now for today’s WFHB community report.

Our weekly segment providing economic education and community resources that keep your budget balanced and your finances flourishing.

Anchors: Casey Kuhn, Chris Martin
Today’s headlines were written by Kyle Boen, Sophia Saliby, Joe Crawford and Joshua Byron
Along with David Murphy for CATSweek, a partnership with Community Access Television Services.
Our feature was produced by David Murphy
The Ins and Outs of Money is produced by Ryan Stacy and edited by Dan Withered, in partnership with the Monroe County Public Library and The United Way of Monroe County.
Our engineer is Harrison Wagner
Our theme music is provided by the Impossible Shapes.
Managing Producer is Alycin Bektesh,
Executive Producer is Joe Crawford.

The Ins and Outs of Money – It’s Money Smart Week


Just when you thought the Financial Literacy Month celebrations were dying down—national Money Smart Week joins the party! Hear what MSW is all about and who’s offering FREE, unbiased money events this week near you.

The Ins and Outs of Money is produced by Ryan Stacy and edited by Dan Withered, in partnership with the Monroe County Public Library and The United Way of Monroe County.

Books Unbound – “Killing Voltaire: An Observance for Charlie Hebdo”


“Killing Voltaire: An Observance for Charlie Hebdo” is a collaborative response by the Books Unbound community to the deadly attack January 7 on the offices of the French satiric weekly. The episode was originally broadcast January 17. (Note to WFHB listeners: Guantánamo Diary by Mohamedou Ould Slahi, previously announced for this date, has been postponed to April 25.)

Classic and contemporary free-speech quotations from the Voice of Reason (Patsy Rahn), probing passages from authors by the Provocateur (Tony Brewer), and readings from Voltaire himself on fanaticism, blasphemy, and liberty vs. destiny (Frank Buczolich) are interwoven with selections made by the readers or by series producer Cynthia Wolfe, including:
• Excerpt from a posthumously published essay by the assassinated Russian journalist Anna Politskovskaya, selected, read, scripted and produced by Sarah Torbeck, with a sample of the original Russian read by Pavel Abramov.
• “Fragment, 1959,” Lauren Robert reading a poem by Anna Akhmatova, selected by Doug Storm.
• Excerpt from a 2012 speech by Salman Rushdie, selected, read and produced by Jack Hanek.
• Excerpts from “Balqis,” a long poem alternating love elegy and political passion by the Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani, selected and read in Arabic by Ali Alnahhabi, and by Berklea Going in a loose English adaptation.
• “The Auroras of Autumn”, eight of ten cantos of the poem by Wallace Stevens on unease in the house of the mind, containing the famous line “The house will crumble and the books will burn”, selected by Cynthia Wolfe and read by Doug Storm.
• Afterword by Maria McKinley, reading a passage on the true source of personal daring from Eudora Welty’s memoir One Writer’s Beginnings.
The episode also features Guillaume Ansart, associate professor at Indiana University and a specialist in 18th-century French literature and satire, with perspectives on Voltaire, Enlightenment values, and the French tradition of satire. Special music for the episode comes from the Floodplain album of Kronos Quartet.

Produced by Cynthia Wolfe, with assistance from Doug Storm and Sarah Torbeck.
Script by Cynthia Wolfe, with contributions by readers.
Executive producer: Joe Crawford
Theme music by The Impossible Shapes

Monroe County Courthouse Closed Temporarily

Monroe County has announced an impromptu closure of the County Courthouse tomorrow. Valerie Haughton, the presiding judge of the Monroe County Circuit Court, says a septic backup at the courthouse has forced the building to close down. Haughton says all court dates scheduled tomorrow are canceled. Anyone scheduled to attend court tomorrow should contact the Office of Court Services about rescheduling. Haughton says it’s currently unclear whether the situation at the Courthouse could pose threats to the health of anyone inside the building. Hazardous materials experts are scheduled to inspect the building tomorrow. It’s not yet clear whether the building will reopen on Wednesday.

Daily Local News – April 20, 2015


Monroe County has announced an impromptu closure of the County Courthouse tomorrow; Bloomington’s local co-op grocery is undergoing major challenges; On Friday, Governor Pence signed new legislation that allows for individuals to obtain and use overdose intervention drugs; Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor and former Democratic presidential candidate, is set to visit Bloomington on Wednesday; At a work session last week, the Monroe County Community School Board heard a proposed plan for evaluating teachers; Indiana University is in the process of approving two new degrees in engineering.

This year the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding. As part of its 100 Years Working for Peace Exhibit, the local branch of the League hosted a presentation by Judith Allen, a history professor at Indiana University. The event was held at the Monroe County History Center. Allen presented, “Charlotte Perkins Gilman to Jane Addams: Perils of Peace,” a presentation which compared these two iconic women and their views on war. We bring you portions of that event for today’s WFHB community report.

Kelly Wherley and Deb Christiansen on Trashion ReFashion and their experience with this great event. Also, more volunteer opportunities from the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network.

Anchors: Maria McKinley, Doug Storm
Today’s headlines were written by Joshua Byron, Amanda Marino and Joe Crawford
Along with David Murphy for CATSweek, a partnership with Community Access Television Services.
Our feature was produced by Michael Hilton and Cynthia Roberts-Hall
Activate! is produced by Jennifer Whitaker, along with the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network
Our engineer is Chris Martin
Our theme music is provided by the Impossible Shapes.
Executive producer is Joe Crawford

Local Live – Myah Evans

Myah Evans

Photo courtesy of Jim Lang

Up and coming artist Myah Evans visits the WFHB studios for an exclusive Local Live performance and interview! Myah shares with us how she got started, her ambitions as an artist, and her process of song writing. If you don’t know her yet, you will soon.

1. Night Owl
2. Pardon My Interruption
3. Everything’s Rosy Red
4. Brittle Bones
5. Flow This Way
6. Mosey Along

Hosted by Jar
Engineered by Jim Lang, Dan Withered, Ilza Akerbergs
Produced by Erin Tobey
Executive Producer is Jim Manion

Firehouse Sessions – Marshall Lewis


Marshall Lewis is a young singer/songwriter who grew up in Bloomington. He played a WFHB “Fund Drive Live” Firehouse Session before his show at The Bishop. He was accompanied by Zach Stoltz on drums.

1. Lessons of Loss
2. Wild
3. I Knew You The Most

Hosted by Jim Manion
Engineered by Jim Lang and Dan Withered
Produced by Katie Moulton
Executive Producer is Jim Manion

EcoReport – Joe Duff: Operation Migration, Part 2


In today’s EcoReport feature, Part 2 of Bob Kissel’s interview with Operation Migration co-founder Joe Duff about an experimental Whooping Crane reintroduction program.

Local Live Remote – The Magmatix


WFHB’s Local Live Remote broadcast takes us back to The Blockhouse to bring you ALL THE FUNK with The Magmatix as part of our Spring Fund Drive!

Broadcast signal engineered by Jim Lang
Produced by Erin Tobey
Executive Producer is Jim Manion

“Lost Borders” by Mary Hunter Austin, Conclusion


The interconnected story cycle “Lost Borders” by Mary Hunter Austin concludes. Austin’s character types and settings are in many ways familiar from other westerns, but her perspectives are feminist, conservationist, and anti-gun. She died in 1934, and her books soon went out of print—just as Hollywood was establishing its masculinist myths of a Wild West dominated by gun violence.

Although Austin offers sympathetic portrayals of male psychology throughout, female characters are central to the final two stories, with the frontier allowing women to push against social boundaries. In “The House of Offence” (read by Lauren Robert), a deteriorating fence represents the social dividing line temporarily crossed when an upstanding Christian woman reckons with the humanity of the madam who runs the brothel next door. The title character of “The Walking Woman” (read by Sarah Torbeck) triumphs through love and work in a harsh communion with the land.

Jack Hanek hosts. Sarah Torbeck has read the role of the author throughout. The recurring poem that appeared at the beginning of the original book is read by Berklea Going. Special music comes from the album River of Light: American Short Works for Violin and Piano (Naxos, 2011), as performed by Tim Fain and Pei-Yao Wang. Books Unbound is produced, written and edited by Cynthia Wolfe with assistance from Sarah Torbeck.

“‘Lost Borders’ by Mary Hunter Austin, Conclusion” was produced during WFHB’s Spring Fund Drive, and contains messages from the Books Unbound community. For information on how to support this and other programs from WFHB, call 812-323-1200 or visit wfhb.org.
The Books Unbound podcasts allow you to listen to the complete “Lost Borders” story cycle from beginning to end in Austin’s original order:
• “The Land, “The Hoodoo of the Minnietta,” “A Case of Conscience,” and “The Ploughed Lands” in Part One
• “The Return of Mr. Wills,” “The Last Antelope,” and “Agua Dulce” in Part Two
• “The Woman at the Eighteen Mile” and “The Fakir” in Part Three
• “The Pocket-Hunter’s Story,” “The Readjustment,” and “Bitterness of Women” in Part Four

Executive producer: Joe Crawford
Books Unbound theme music: The Impossible Shapes

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